2015 MUSIC


These are my top 5 picks for the music from debutants that defined 2015.

Now, this must be kept in mind that my music taste doesn’t exactly go hand in hand with whatever shit comes in the radio these days telling you to whip nay whip nay or just focus on me fuh, fuh, focus on me, no thanks. My playlist involves tracks that have chances of you hearing maybe one in three triwizard tournaments. However I have come to know that there are blessed souls in this planet who’d rather wait for three triwizard tournaments rather than just going screw it, I am going top 40s, and they call their kind indie, even if it means you’re gonna suffer from a truckload of stereotypes ranging from, “dreadlocks” to “dreamcatchers” given I do have a dreamcatcher, for the rest of your existence. So, ask yourself, what music do I like? Arctic Monkeys? The Neighborhood? Lana Del Rey? Banks? Marina and the Diamonds? Twenty one pilots? 1975?

If the answer is yes, I like them, or even OMYGOSHADXJBLISHJ SHE LISTENS TO GOOD STUFF I AM GONNA CLICK THE FOLLOW BUTTON, you are in the right place. Look no further if you’re looking for more such good stuff, now brace yourself I am stopping my rant right here.



My kingdom helped me find this blue princess, who is literally a sapphire with a taste of dirtying herself in coal. New York Times profile describes her as a “biracial, bisexual, bipolar” basically badass debutante reblogged on Tumblr a billion times. Yeah well this one is famous I agree. If you’re going to her youtube channel, you’ll find people who know her from 5SOS links, random TV shows and what not, (and they make sure you know exactly where they found her from because yeah, that’s going to be hella important when she’s a megastar in 5 years) but they all stay for one reason- the music. Intense, youthful, dark, with just enough beat to keep you on your toes, and a fair amount of trip hop to go with an absolutely ethereal voice made her “Badlands” strike a chord with millions waiting down to turn into Halsey trash. “Room 93” is also underrated what with songs like “Empty Gold” sounding like straight out of the Hunger Games franchise and “Trouble” which reminds you of long rides at midnight through urban jungles. That said, the more recent “Drive” is totally an old Bentley ride to a deserted motel with a neon sign, a lyric version of the “Ghost” music video. Other songs like “I walk the line” (a cover of Johnny Cash’s version), “Gasoline” will make the dead rise from their graves with motivation. Maybe playing them a few times more will help me complete my biology assignment too. “Hurricane” enraptured me for a month straight maybe with the largest number of repeats I have ever forced onto a song. Lyrics range from hollow, “High on legal marijuana, raised on biggie and nirvana” in “New Americana” to soulfully sweet, like “We’ll be lacing the same shoes that we’ve worn through to the bottom of the line” in “Roman Holiday”. If songs like “Castle” is one for all the empowerment single people in the world need, then “Colours”, “Strange love” are a lover’s dream…meanwhile “Young God” takes one’s virginity away, no joke. A one line summary would be that she sufficed to make a chorus in a goddamn Justin Bieber song and I freaking listened to it and liked it.



Zella Day, at first glance, is another bohemian blonde romancing a particularly hot cow boy on white stallion in one of those unrealistic straight roads where you don’t see houses on the sides or where it begins and ends. But no. She turns out to be a real life Ophelia in full bloom disguised as an effing 1960s James Bond heroine. Fans describe her as the offspring of Lorde and Tove Lo, or a happier, feral, mini Lana Del Rey. I say not. I don’t like to compare new artists using the older ones as references, times change. But I will agree with this particular definition. “East of Eden” starts like mainstream pop, then proceeds to make you feel like you’re trapped in the White Witch’s castle and there’s Lucy and Susan riding on Aslan running through mountains coming to help you fight for Narnia without warning. There’s just something about that song that makes you feel like you are in a war, and you are in power. Maybe it’s the strangely captivating lyrics “Keep me from the cages under the control, running in the dark, to find east of Eden.” She makes you feel like you’re in cages just by singing it to you. Her main instruments are acoustic guitar and percussion. “Sweet Ophelia”, “Hypnotic” gives you the exotic vibe, like a musical roller coaster from the Indiana Jones. “Compass” finally proves that these feels are caused by the fact that she’s an absolutely fabulous lyricist with lines like “Woven in the fabric of your tapestry, cover me in honeysuckle memories”. These four itself are cornerstones, with Compass being in the trailer of the “Finest Hour”, in perfect synchrony with a huge sinking ship into huger thick waves.



Yeah, she looks like a character straight out of an anime, right? Or like Harley Quinn in the animated series? Her song “Mad Hatter” does give an apt description of the much loved gotham city siren who is not the Joker’s beloved for nothing.

“Where is my prescription? Doctor, doctor please listen, My brain is scattered, You can be Alice, I’ll be the mad hatter.”

This is only the beginning of the madness that’s to come. In “Crybaby” Melanie has officially defined her status as a pretty lunatic, right in lead single “Pity Party” where being deserted at her own birthday party, instead of blowing tissues, she stabs teddies, screams her heart out, wrecks her home, all in a pink poofy skirt surrounded by balloons and chocolates and other sweet stuff. So she goes, “It’s my party, I’ll cry if I want to” and then consoling herself with “Maybe it’s a cruel joke on me, whatever, whatever, just means there’s way more cake for me forever, forever”. Dollhouse takes an even darker note with “Hey girl, look at my mom, she’s got it going on, ha, you’re blinded by her jewelry. when you turn your back she pulls out a flask and forgets his infidelity.” Her music is crazy, granted, but it hits home in a weird way, like when you start pitying the girl trying to wish herself a happy birthday in a mess of tears and smeared cake, like when you start identifying with the crazy elements and dancing to the way it soothes your sane self. Plus she is like the indie version of Katy Perry, with the catchy choruses and cute outfits.



We slowly move to the ones that aren’t as famous as having even a Wikipedia page yet, but are in no way less amazing. This one may not even be a debutant in 2015 except for the video “Scars” (that he made in reply to the teaser of “Suicide Squad” movie) which popularised in 2015, but I am going to include him anyway.

Boy Epic is startlingly beautiful in every way you first get to know about him. He looks like he started out as pure emo in his teens and then developed into every bit of the gorgeous man he is, which is found in plethora in his music video “Fifty Shades” an ode to the movie the book could have made. This quality is even amplified by the fact that he can also sing in a woman’s voice which is justified completely by “Hell” where he literally tells the story of the woman he’s in love with, through her eyes, occasionally pausing to tell his bits, too. “I put myself through hell to keep you to myself she said.” If that isn’t endearing as fuck, I don’t know what is. We have talked about Harley Quinn already, now come to her lover, who behaves in a strikingly similar manner to this guy over countless works of pop culture. If Boy Epic’s uncanny resemblance to the Joker (when he is telling his backstory, whichever backstory, made up or not xD) in his video “Scars” isn’t enough, he also gives you the chills with lyrics like “Just a hero on a bridge that’s burning down” and to top off, he edits the videos himself. As if we needed more assurance that he still has talent. “Vampire Sunrise” screams psychotic love, and the music brings back the vibe of “Sweater Weather” by The Neighborhood from 2013. No, just go check him out now.



Kiiara. She is haunting. And her music is not even the creepy type. Instead, I find her genre to exceptionally summery, too summery for what I am used to liking. Insert “Summertime Sadness” pun here. But Kiiara, she takes the cake. She bends the rules. She kills it with choppy but perfect vocals nestled into a blend of jerky electro and melodious beat smoothly edited into that one kind of summer mix that is a perfect example of how electronic music can be redone as actual songs instead of just kicks and drops, neither of which her songs contain. “Feels” is a concoction of intense emotion and effortless beauty with words flowing haphazardly, sometimes simply in tune but no proper meaning like, “You can bring a juice I’ll match you, yeah you mix it pour the potion, I don’t know who you are, but I’d dive into your ocean,” and “I’m a ghost when I walk in, Holy spirit when I walk out, You want that fame, you can have that fame….Disappearing when the light’s out.” From this song “Tennesse” that had me wrapped up for just as many days as aforementioned “Hurricane”. All in all, if you are going on a journey, walking around in the beach, overlooking sunsets atop the city landscape, don’t forget to plug in Kiiara.


Mention your top 5 in the comments below. ❤

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