Oh Look You’re Still Here

It’s a one thing for a human to come back from virtual aestivation after fall ( SORRY I MEANT AUTUMN I DON’T CALL IT FALL is it winter yet though) and it’s another thing for that same human to have ZERO ideas on how to function a blog after thinking about it this entire period of dormancy, and I am guilty of both.

Ten things vixen gotta apologize for

  1. For screwing up all the fanfiction I ever wrote: I don’t remember half the plotline I planned for any of the four fanfics I was writing simultaneously in January and  frankly I am not even interested anymore. I mean, nobody in the whole wide potterhead world thought about Hermione and Astoria together; I am literally creating a ship out of thin air? Is that innovative? Is that pathetic?
  2. I don’t even know why I call myself a vixen I just saw a board in Pinterest dedicated to seductresses and comic book sirens named simply as ‘vixen’ and I thought so yeah why not name myself, a toddler with coordination issues as the same
  3. For having 4 drafts in my blogs that only have titles and nothing else, one for example is actually named “Cloud and Green” like excuse me? How do I present something aesthetic on the topic cloud and green please advice 2015 sreeja
  4. I made one sketch for inktober. One. That was on October 1st.
  5. Being bad at math.

And that’s how I ran out of inspiration to continue this post.

What are the books you guys will be reading this season I am a lonely soul please drop down recommendations below and subscribe


5 thoughts on “Oh Look You’re Still Here

  1. oh hon, look at me. i post yearly. the only difference between you and me is that you have people looking at yo stuff. well at least I did all of inktober 😛
    For the record, I’m reading Engineering Physics by M.N. Avadhanulu and P.G. Kshirsagar, nothing R-rated here. A nice read, light, nothing too deep, relaxing, involving, mostly fiction.

    And also If Tomorrow Comes by Sidney Sheldon.
    -troll in yo commentz

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