Fanfiction and stuff

These two months, if we ignore the impending doom of the 12th std board exams, two things have flown past very quickly; my tolerance level (yes I dare use the word), my level-headedness and the privacy my fanfiction and I used to share.
I want to be proud, and I could have been proud, had I not wasted two weeks ignoring the amount of syllabus uncovered, revelling in the fact that I won my first writing contest award for Fandom3 in Inkitt.
I will give you a synopsis: Have you ever wondered about why the very much shipped Draco and Hermione are very much shipped, inspite of such obvious, ludicrous differences, such as their hair? If you have, especially about their hair, you need look no further.
The same goes for Intricacy on my profile, a still incomplete fanfic about Ginny/OC and Draco and another very special character I am not going to name yet.
Times like these I imagine J.K. Rowling being the queen bee feeding on written honey and giving birth to new random clueless writers like us who build the ravishing, ever growing, hive of the fandom.
Don’t judge I only woke up now it’s 7:08 pm for god’s sake.
Here is Chapter 1 , cause you guys never check out my portfolio just out of fun, who am I kidding, you only get emails telling you to check out my blog “posts”. But I need to earn money to buy required plugins, for which I need to go back right now to the sample papers that I am going to attempt half of and then abandon, more like the Era of crazy Scene II. (inserts Β earlier post reference for added traffic-that-is-not-gonna-occur) Enough a href for today. Adieu, everyone who thinks I am gonna pass and I am “just” overreacting.

For those who really went to check out my portfolio, four out of seven are labelled for reuse pictures, I am too lazy to make individual disclaimers.


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